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What is fetish attire? 

Fetish attire is provocative clothing created with fetish in mind. Fetish clothing is made of latex, rubber, PVC, vinyl, nylon, neoprene, leather or vegan leather.

Why We Have a Strict Dress Code

Rubber Ball is an annual, dedicated celebration of fetish & kink. Requiring all attendees to wear fetish wear allows those who live the BDSM lifestyle to feel comfortable & safe to express themselves without fear of judgement. Above all, freedom of kinky expression is of utmost importance to us.

Absolutely Not Allowed

unless these items are made of fetish materials, this clothing is not acceptable:


Dress shirts 

Cocktail / Formal dresses 

Jeans of any color 







Warning: If your attire does not follow our Dress Code, you will be turned away at the door. Tickets are non-refundable.



Does my entire outfit have to be made of fetish attire?

We prefer full fetish attire. Please refer to the "Absolutely Not Allowed" list to be sure that your attire is acceptable.

Can I wear formal wear or suits?


Can I wear a costume?


What about black jeans?

Jeans of any color or brand are not allowed.

Can I wear a rope harness over my mesh or fishnet shirt?


Can I wear a steampunk outfit?

Yes. Full steampunk attire is allowed.

Is Pet Play Gear acceptable?

Yes. All pet play and furry wear/gear is acceptable.

Can I wear regular lingerie?

No. Luxury lingerie paired with fetish attire (ex: harnesses, bondage gear) are allowed.

Can I bring a single-tail whip to the dungeon?

No. Single-tail whips are not allowed.

Is sissy attire allowed?

Yes. PVC & satin sissy wear is permitted.

Is ageplay & ABDL attire allowed?


Is Pet Play Gear acceptable?

Yes. All pet play and furry wear/gear is acceptable.

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