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Jean Bardot 


Jean Bardot is a high-energy, super-talented, renowned fetish actress and model who lives to create amazing fetish print, web, and film projects. She has been featured in every major fetish/kink publication and regularly performs at top fetish events around the globe.


As Mistress Jean Bardot, She is an evil, sexy, and sadistic Professional Dominatrix who fulfills all sorts of kinky fetish dreams, with specialties in the areas of latex bondage, S&M, ball-busting, breath play, and cross-dressing, to name a few. She LOVES latex and is known the world over for Her incredible latex wardrobe and collection.

Visit her website at:

Marnie Scarlet

London, UK

Marnie Scarlet is the Queen of Fetish Cabaret! She is renowned for her surreal shows and larger than life looks, most of which are custom creations she designs and crafts herself. 

Marnie combines aspects of Fetish with Drag and Burlesque while also throwing elements of Cabaret and performance art into the mix. Marnie will confuse, enthrall, and tantalise you with a special performance on the RBUSA stage!

A Freak of Nature, she embraces the light and worships the darkness, including elements of comedy in her shows along with slightly sinister and morbid aspects.

Beware! Marnie Scarlet will steal your heart -- and probably make a nice hat out of it!



Mistress AGEHA is a Japanese rope performer and dominatrix. While she has previously performed at other global fetish events (London), RBUSA 2020 is her first time performing for a U.S. audience. She has been performing for over 10 years and studied extensively under Mistress HIBIKI.



Sakura has toured the world's biggest fetish parties as an acrobatic aerialist, fetish model, and rope performer. She is also a performance instructor and is known as “the hottest sub in Japan.” 

Natalya Sadici


Mistress Natalya Sadici is the Vixen Sadist, Patron Saint of Debauchery, and a highly intuitive Professional Dominatrix based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With Her dedication to positive perversions, She has presented, produced, and performed in a variety of FemDom content. She will be presiding over the Rubber Dungeon on the VIP Level at RBUSA 2020.

Nadi x


Twin cities based duo Nadi X dominates the stage with their risqué role play and kinky foreplay. They are known for combining the art of drag and burlesque while showcasing queer sexuality and fetish themes. Comprised of the Commander-in-Heat: Xavier, and the Femme Daddy of Burlesque: Nadi A'marena, these two are forever united in unholy matrimony as Nadi X. 

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